FlexiStick® Car Trunk Organizer

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☑️ Easy to organize your car trunk, it sticks in any position
☑️ Hold any item in your trunk
☑️ Compact & carpet friendly
🇺🇦 Made in Ukraine


Organize Your Trunk With A Single Stick!

The easy-to-use organizing tool protects your items from slipping, tipping and damage.

Hold any item in your trunk

The flexible, vinyl-covered cushion is an efficient organizing tool that holds any item in place

Easy to organize, it sticks in any position

Keep items from sliding, shifting, and breaking in your car with Kelhis FlexiStick® car boot organiser

Compact & carpet friendly

FlexiStick@ bends easily around any item’s position and its sturdy strip fastens securely to your car trunk without ruining the surface


Kelhis solves an old problem everyone has experienced with an easy-to-use and innovative solution. Made of a water and dirt-resistant nylon, FlexiStick® is the strong fix to safely transport small bulk loads in the car boot

Small & Bulk Goods

Protect Fragile Items

Flexible Velcro Grip

Flex It, Bend It

Kelhis FlexiStick® – 980x50x50mm (38.5x2x2 inches)


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Flexistick (98cm), Compact (60cm), Compact Twix (2pcs, 60cm)